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In Bookend, explore the narrative of The Little Witch, while awaiting the inevitability of the apocalypse.

Harness imagination through the power of VR to protect the little witch during intervention points in each chapter.

Embark on a journey alongside the little witch as the book ends.

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  • Press Grip (Hand Trigger) to grab tabs or objects, hands will change color on grabbables
  • Move the black cube attached the table, on your left to adjust table height
  • Take the wand from the table, touch the book gently to call the Pause Menu
  • Pause Menu will not be available until you have cleared the page for Abigail
  • Press the Grip to point, a target ball will appear on objects
  • Press Index Trigger to interact with the target object
  • Point to the Star Portals to navigate Abigail through panels

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Mount Rift and Sensors
Download and run installer
Run the game
Use the Pause Menu to Exit the Application